An ending with dignity

Throughout life we make choices that affect our planet. Our journey's end is no different. By choosing an all natural casket we can make our last footprints a little smaller. The respect we show the earth that sustained us will lend integrity to our goodbye.

The Timberwise alternative

This unique casket is a wise choice for natural burial and conventional burial. Its light weight and non-toxic materials also make it effective for cremation.

The casket contains 97% fast-growing and biodegradable softwoods. The balance is FSC-certified hardwood dowels, sisal rope, organic cotton, and unbleached tissue paper.

TimberWise is made in a small shop in Winnipeg, Canada
by The Village Casketmaker

  TimberWise all natural casket
  • Original softwood-frame design
  • Zero glue
  • Zero metal
  • Strong, light weight
  • Ships compact and re-assembles easily
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